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8 Second Interval Training Weight Loss

I did five workouts last week, each twenty minutes long, 60 8/12 intervals and I’ve lost 8 lbs, and it’s not water weight loss either, as I’ve been drinking several large pint glasses of filtered water per day. I also used the steam spa on Saturday night, which was so relaxing. My clothes are feeling looser, my skin looks great, I’ve been feeling far less anxious, and I feel that the hard work is paying off. Oh, and last week I was using the Sweatz Vests so I’ll see how I get on this week without the Sweatz Vests.

I did my first workout of the week yesterday. 279 calories burnt in twenty minutes according to my spin bike. I cycled on more resistance this time for five intervals and constantly kept changing my pace. Even without a Sweatz Vest I was still heavily perspiring. I love this workout as it is quick, tough and works to burn fat. This is my aim. I’ve not changed my diet. I still drink coffee with full fat milk, and at weekend I had a spicy 10 inch pizza from Asda.

My appetite has greatly reduced. Sometimes I don’t even feel like breakfast, but I’ll still try to force a small avocado down. Yesterday, I had half a kiwi fruit, a small avocado, two cups of coffee, three cups of tea, two large pints of water, and a salad of spinach, feta, cherry tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, olives and rocket salad on one garlic tortilla. I started to taste the starch in the tortillas, which put me off a second, as normally I love to chomp them down. Several hours later, I had some liver pate on Ukranian rye bread toasted.

This morning, I woke up with no appetite and I’ve had one kiwi fruit and large glass of water. This workout goes to show that you can eat whatever you want, in moderation, and still lose weight. I doubt my weight would have stayed off if I had ate a pizza every day, but why would you want to when the workout is so tough? Day off training to do body combat tonight, as I love that class. Back on the interval training tomorrow, with no breaks, until Sunday.

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